Lahaina Fundraiser

Support Lahaina Recovery Efforts

Direct Donations

While purchasing one of our Lahaina Harbor prints is one way to contribute, we encourage anyone who wants to help the people of Maui to donate directly to the organizations on the front lines. The following links are alternative ways to contribute. Join us in supporting Lahaina Wildfire victims.

Buy a Print & Make an Impact

Join RedHare Creative in supporting the victims of the recent wildfires in Maui. By purchasing any of the Lahaina Harbor prints you can contribute to the recovery efforts in Lahaina.

All proceeds from the sale of these prints will benefit Lahaina residents, providing essential aid to those affected by the devastating wildfires. Your contribution will help rebuild homes, restore infrastructure, and bring hope to the resilient people of Lahaina Town.

Clarification on Proceeds

Transport yourself back to the beauty of Maui with this captivating canvas print. The photo, taken in 2021, by Juan C. Casas, founder and President of RedHare Creative, showcases the picturesque Lahaina Harbor in all its glory. The boats gently sway on the glistening waters, framed by the historic old courthouse. And if you look closely, you’ll spot the crown jewel of Lahaina – the towering Banyan tree – peeking through behind the courthouse.

Lahaina Harbor Prints