Charles Saldana, Enrolled Agent

Charles Saldaña, E.A. is a San Antonio based accounting firm that has been serving its clients for over 30 years. Upon meeting Mr. Saldaña we spent some time discussing not only his needs but also what it was that he wanted to accomplish through design. First and foremost he said he wanted a logo that both represented him as well as his business. “I am in the business of dollars and cents,” he said to me “and I want anyone who sees my logo to know that.” It was very clear that Mr. Saldaña wanted more than just a logo, he wanted a brand. He not only wanted to be recognized but he wanted to be memorable and easy to find. Therefore, in addition to helping him develop a brand identity, we also worked diligently to build a website that that represents both Mr. Saldaña and his business. Website can be found at